3 Tips To Help You Write Better Sales Copy


Video Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:11   Introduction
0:12 – 0:41   Tip #1: ‘The’ and ‘Than’
0:42 – 1:24   Tip #2: Read the classics
1:25 – 2:06   Tip #3: Have a solid swipe file
2:07 – 2:44   Brief recap of tips
2:45 – 3:15   Bonus tip: Benefit-filled bullets
3:16 – 3:23   Wrap-up
Andrew here for LeanMeanMarketing.com. I was recently reminded that we have not covered very much copywriting. Let’s address that today!

First off, learning how to write good sales copy doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a craft, an art and you must be prepared to practice. With that being said…

Tip #1, you almost never need the words ‘the’ and ‘than’. Go back and look at a piece of copy that you have written, whether it be an email auto-responder sequence or a long copy sales letter or whatever it happens to be. Go back, look and you will notice that the words ‘the’ and ‘than’ are almost never used. It just actually makes your sentences a whole lot wordier and is not needed because you can relay the exact same message and get the same point across using slightly different words.

Tip #2 is to read classics written by Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, all the legendary copywriters; read letters and copy they have written. In fact, just Google their names, take note and let it soak in. The best way that you can learn how to do something is to watch or mimic someone who already knows what they are doing, that is the best way that you can pick up a new skill and it applies the same to copywriting.

Go ahead and Google some of the big names like those I mentioned, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace. Read some of the letters that they have written, take notes and add it to your own personal swipe file.

Tip #3, have a really solid swipe file; have different headlines that you know have worked in the past or that you have seen in other sales letters that caught your attention because if they caught your attention, chances are they have caught other people’s attention as well. Take note of these, copy them down and keep them in a separate file.

3 tips to help you write better sales copy I personally have a separate file for headlines, openers, different guarantees, and even for different salutations and closings. When I have to write something, I do not have to think too hard about it because I can just refer to it, review a couple of them and it will pretty much give me an idea every single time.

Let’s quickly review:

Number 1, you almost never need the words ‘the’ and ‘than’. Like I said, go back and look at something that you have written and you will notice that if you take that out, pretty much the exact same message is being carried but with less words.

Number 2, review the classics and read stuff by Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Clayton Makepeace; those are my favorite 3. Read stuff that they have written, take note of it, soak it in, and learn from it.

And number 3, have a solid swipe file; headlines, bullet points, different closers, different openers, anything that you can refer to when you have to write something to give you ideas, inspirations and different angles.

Spend a little extra time writing your headline. Even write 2 or 3 then sleep on it and review them the next day.

And one more final tip before I leave, remember to use descriptive benefit-filled bullets. If you can get two benefits, double benefits within one bullet point, that would be better. A quick example would be ‘Low-risk investment, high return within 30 days’ – what you are basically saying is that there are double benefits there, a low risk to make money and you are going to start making money within 30 days, it’s a double benefit. Remember to be descriptive with your bullet points because they are one of the important parts of your copy right beside your headline.

Again, this is Andrew Hiddleston from LeanMeanMarketing.com.

I hope you found these 3 tips helpful and I’ll talk to you soon.


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