3 Types of Autoresponder – Which One to Pick?


Video Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:11   Introduction
0:12 – 0:42   Avoid storing email in WordPress
0:43 – 1:32   Free autoresponder
1:33 – 2:19   My favorite choice
2:20 – 3:04   Premium autoresponder
3:05 – 4:03   Brief summary and recommendations
4:04 – 4:11   Wrap-up
Andrew here for LeanMeanMarketing.com.

In today’s video let’s talk about autoresponders, more specifically which one and type is best for your business.

Let’s get right to it.

Before we talk about autoresponders, I just want to say for the record, I am against storing email addresses locally in WordPress. By that I mean these plug-ins or these other tools that allow you when someone signs-up to your newsletter allows you to collect and store the information within WordPress and then email the people.

But it’s not very secure and it is not very efficient and a lot of the times you will run into spam-filters so it is highly recommended that you use a professional paid autoresponder service. With that being said, there are 3 different categories that I look at: completely free, good quality and premium.

First of all, if you do not want to spend any money or you have zero budget for this, and I mean zero budget, there is a service called Imnica Mail and they have been around for a few years and for the first 500 sign-ups they allow it free, you don’t have to pay for anything.

The only catch with using Imnica Mail is that they include their own branding in the footer of your email but again it’s free and if you’re not sure how to use an autoresponder or you’re just kind of getting into it and you don’t want to have to start paying a monthly fee right off the bat, check out Imnica Mail. Their deliverability is ok from what we’ve seen, we do not use them as a primary service but we have tested them and their deliverability does seem to be okay.

how to choose the right autoresponder The next step up from that is essentially the autoresponder that has run my business for the last 2 years plus, it’s Aweber and I absolutely love their service. It’s not only got what I consider to be the best deliverability, making it through all the different spam-filters but it’s got an easy to use interface and their pricing is great.

In fact if you sign-up, the first months is I believe a dollar to basically try it and you can cancel it at any time and then it goes to $19 a month. It only increases as your subscriber’s increase.

If you have a huge list or you’ve built a massive subscriber list, you’ll obviously pay more than someone who only has 500 or 1000 subscribers. It’s got that tiered pricing that kind of lets you control the pricing because again as your list is increasing your revenue should be increasing with it.

Number 3 on the list are the premium autoresponder services. These are things like Office Autopilot and Infusionsoft. They offer a whole lot more than just the basic email storage and email broadcast features that something like Aweber or Imnica Mail offer. The really cool thing about Office Autopilot and Infusion Soft is that it lets you incorporate “if then” statements into your autoresponder sequence.

If the prospect clicks a link in this email or if they take action on this, you can have logic in there that will make the autoresponder look at what action or what they have done and base the next step off of that. You can get some extremely customized and powerful email campaigns that are completely targeted towards that user.

Let’s quickly review. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you still want to try an autoresponder and you want to get familiar with how these things work before you commit anything, check out Imnica Mail. They have some paid plans too so if you’re comfortable with their service you can grow with it as well. If you do have a little bit of money and this is the one that I recommend you start with, go with Aweber.

Not only is the deliverability as good as it gets but the user interface is easy to use and their customer support is great. I have been using them for well over 2 years almost 3 years now and honestly I can think of maybe one or two issues that we’ve had that were quickly resolved each time by their support.

And once you scale your business to the point that you have a good subscriber base, a good customer base, you’re going to want to transfer to something more powerful like Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft.

I would recommend checking out Office Autopilot, it’s a little bit cheaper than Infusion Soft and it seems to have all the same important powerful capabilities like I said the “if then” statement and everything that you need to create that powerful customized email campaign.

Again this is Andrew Hiddleston from LeanMeanMarketing.com, I hope you found these autoresponder tips useful and I will talk to you real soon.

Ok great. You made it right to the end.

Here’s a little bonus for making it this far…

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2 Responses to “3 Types of Autoresponder – Which One to Pick?”

  1. Christian says:

    i think Aweber and GetResponse are very good as autoresponder, infusionsoft and other cost way to much for me!

    • Andrew Hiddleston says:

      Hey Christian,

      Infusionsoft is pricey, I agree. Office Autopilot is a good solution (and easier on the wallet too).

      Can’t go wrong with Aweber though ;)

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