Clone Your WordPress Blog with 1 Click


Video Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:27   Introduction
0:28 – 0:54   Easiest way to clone a WordPress blog
0:55 – 1:30   Why WP Twin is fantastic
1:31 – 1:44   But I have some bad news too
1:45 – 2:30   It’s a 5 second process
2:31 – 3:06   Brief summary and wrap-up
Clone Your WordPress Blog in 1 Click

Andrew here for In today’s video we’re going to look at a product that we use on a regular basis. If you’re not using it for your website, you might find it useful as well. Let’s get right to it.

I thought that it would be a good idea before I start talking about new products to try, we would discuss some of the products that we use on a regular basis and have so for a fairly long time for our websites including

Today let’s talk about WP Twin, a WordPress cloning utility. One of the things I really like about it is that it is a small PHP script that you just upload to your server. Don’t freak out just because you heard the word PHP script! The process is stupid simple, you upload the script to your server and the entire process including upload and cloning takes about 5 seconds.

5 Second Cloning – Live Demo

Because it is a PHP script, it is not a WordPress plugin so you do not have anything to upload or install in WordPress. That is actually one of the reasons why I like this out of all the possible cloning utilities and cloning software that are out there now for WordPress blogs or any type of website, because again, nothing is installed in WordPress. Over the last 6 months and even more so now, I have become absolutely obsessed with improving page speed and limiting the number of plugins we have installed in our WordPress.

Of course there are some negative drawbacks to WP Twin; the most important is that there is no scheduler. Because there is nothing being uploaded to WordPress, you do not have scheduling features which means you have to manually clone the blogs.

One of the great uses for WP Twin is if you are flipping websites, it makes delivering and deploying websites on a new server or to a buyer absolutely simple, you will not find an easier way to do it than using this tool. Another great thing about WP Twin is that it makes a back-up of your SQL database; it truly makes a clone of your entire WordPress installation.

If you have to move to another server or if you have sold the website and you are transferring it to a buyer, it makes the transfer process super simple and the deployment process even easier. You do not have to setup any databases or anything like that, you literally use the script to make the back-up and it comes with a second script to deploy. It literally takes 5 seconds to clone, 5 seconds to deploy and you are done.

how to clone wordpress blog If you are looking for a quick way to backup your blog, flipping websites, selling websites or just looking for something simple and you just want to clone your blog and keep back-ups of it and don’t want to get tied down with a bunch of settings or cron jobs.

I would recommend you check out WP Twin. I personally use it for pretty much every single thing on my websites and I have been using it without any issues for 18 months.

Again, this is Andrew Hiddleston from

I hope you found this review recommendation video somewhat useful and I will talk to you soon.


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2 Responses to “Clone Your WordPress Blog with 1 Click”

  1. ashif kaylan says:

    this is good wp twin review. i am wanting to buy wptwin

    can it be used add-on domain?

    thank you.

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Ashif,

      Thanks for checking out the WP Twin review.

      Yes, it works very well for add-on domains too. I can’t think of any real issues we’ve had with it. Over 18 months since I originally made my purchase.
      We still use it daily.

      Thanks Ashif.


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