how to write red hot sales copy

How to Write Red Hot Sales Copy with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

It’s been a while since a copywriter impressed me. Most of what I learned about writing copy came from people already dead or at the end of a successful career. Names like Caples, Halbert, Bencivenga, Makepeace, Kennedy, Carlton among a few others. Each having their own quirks and strengths to learn from. Over the last year another copywriter caught my eye. Lucky for you and I she’s still alive and writing killer copy. Not to mention the leading authority in a rapidly growing niche.

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best free marketing tips

The Best Place to Get Heavyweight Marketing Tips for Free

We all need new marketing ideas and strategies to try. One of the very best sources gets delivered right to your house for free. You don’t need to buy anything but package comes from one of the most successful marketing companies in the world. Interested yet? Check out today’s video for all the details..

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Weekly Roundup June 14, 2013

Friday is here so that means it’s time for Weekly Roundup. Last week saw the start of our Video Sales Letter Tips series along with some great tips about purchasing mature domains. The week ended with an effective post about how to start your sales copy. Check out all the details from the week of June 14, 2013.

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sales copy 101

How to Start Your Sales Copy

Your product (or service) is awesome. And people will rejoice in the streets if they just try it. Only one hurdle left. Writing a sales message that conveys all the benefits your product offers. Easy enough, right? Starting a sales message can be overwhelming. But you can avoid that feeling by simply starting off on the right foot. Where should you start? That’s the question I’m going to answer in today’s post.

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secret to writing headlines

The Real Secret to Writing Oscar Worthy Headlines

You provide rich and valuable content yet few seem to notice.

Your blog gets traffic. But bounce rate is high and the only interaction is between you and spam bots. Newsletter sign-ups are also painfully low. You wonder if it’s worth emailing such a tiny group.

Lately you’ve even considered cancelling the autoresponder service altogether.

Hold on before you do anything drastic.  Let’s do a quick assessment.

If these symptoms sound familiar…you may be suffering from JAB. Today I’m going to share how to address that problem.

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3 tips to help you write better sales copy

3 Tips To Help You Write Better Sales Copy

I was recently reminded that we have not covered very many copywriting tips. Let’s address that today! First off, learning how to write good sales copy doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a craft, an real art form and you must be prepared to practice. With that being said…

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How to Get Authority - The Specialist Rule

How to Become an Authority – The Specialist Rule

Andrew Hiddleston here with a quick internet marketing tips video.
Today we are going to talk about the specialist rule and how you can best use that to your advantage along with a quick tip about keeping people engaged in your copy right to the end of your message, so let’s get right to it.

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