Classic Email Marketing Mistake Made By Flippa That You Can Avoid


Video Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:20 Introduction
0:21 – 0:58 Does Adsense have a monopoly?
0:59 – 1:48 Who cares?
1:49 – 3:28 Your subject line sucks
3:29 – 3:56 Consider your subject line
3:57 – 4:12 Wrap up

Hey there everyone! Andrew here for This video I want to show you kind of a classic mistake that’s being made even by some of the bigger, more authority websites. And then by pointing this type of stuff out, hopefully you can avoid it or try to decrease the amount of time that you’re doing it. Let’s take a quick look at exactly what I’m talking about.

marketing mistake

This relates to Flippa’s email marketing. Right now we’re in my email now and we’re looking at an email that was sent to me. You can see at 10:05 this morning, 12 hours ago, which is approximately 11:00 pm my time right now. First of all you can tell I’m not looking at this right after it was sent, I’m looking at it almost a full half day later.

It was an email sent from Flippa. I want to point out the subject line, the subject line in this email was ‘Does Adsense have a monopoly?’ In my opinion, there’s a lot wrong with this subject line and I would almost guarantee that they got a pretty poor open rate. I’m gonna show you in a second that they did in fact get a pretty poor open rate. Here’s a quick overview about writing headlines and subject lines.

First of all, the reason or the issues with this subject line, and you can also apply the same logic to your blog post, because remember, blog posts are shared virally via social networks, most commonly by the headline alone, not necessarily by the content. So this same logic that applies to your email subject line, you can also apply it to your blog post. You never want to ask a question that someone can just kind of shrug off.

Does Adsense have a monopoly? I mean, who really cares?

That’s the second problem. You never want to ask a question that emotes the response of who really cares. Now I’m not a huge Adsense advertiser, not anymore, but even if I still was, I don’t think I would really care about that subject line; if I’m making money with Adsense, I’m happy with that. I don’t really care if there’s a monopoly.

Now since this post was about an alternative to Adsense, that’s what the subject of this post or the subject was going to talk about was that there is a competitor to Adsense, a better subject line may be would have been ‘The biggest competitor to Adsense’ or ‘The biggest competitor Adsense has ever seen’ or something like that, something that causes interest that makes me say “Hmm. That’s interesting and I wonder what it’s about.” But ‘Does Adsense have a monopoly?’ Who cares! I mean realistically, that’s honestly, you can see how this is coming directly from my Trash bin, I thought about this later on and that’s why I’m making the video.

But when I got this this morning, I immediately deleted it because my response was ‘I don’t care!’ And I would imagine that most people felt the same way. It probably had a really poor click through rate. If we open the link, which I’ve already done here, you can see that aside from the 40 Facebook shares, and that’s because Flippa has a pretty good Facebook page and most of that activity came from the Facebook page and not from the email or from the blog, you can see almost nothing in terms of social activity.

And in my opinion, for a blog and a website this size that has a following and a subscriber list in the 10′s of thousands, that’s unacceptable. I mean, that’s closer to the number that we’re generating right now on LeanMeanMarketing but we’re building our readership right now and we’re at the very beginning. For an established property like this, 2 LinkedIn shares, 4 Facebook tweets, 2 Google+, that’s completely unacceptable in my opinion.

It started all from the email and with a really really bad subject line.

So you can see that not even the biggest sites are impervious to this. Really really consider your subject lines and your blog posts before you publish them, before you send them. Make sure that they’re intriguing and that they make the person want to read it. If you ask a question, make sure that question isn’t going to emote a response like ‘I don’t care’ or ‘Yes or No’ or not have an impactful meaning. If you’re going to ask a question, make sure it’s interesting and make sure that it causes that person to open your email.

Again, this is Andrew Hiddleston from I hope you found this video useful. And again, I have nothing against Flippa, I love Flippa, I’ve made a lot of money from Flippa, it’s just like I said, this email sucks. I hope you found this video useful, I’ll see you in the next one.


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7 Responses to “Classic Email Marketing Mistake Made By Flippa That You Can Avoid”

  1. diane allan says:

    We also get those emails. I think you’re right because we don’t read them anymore. I like the idea tempting my reader with the subject line. Still have days when my open rate stinks.

    • Andrew Hiddleston says:

      I agree Diane. We’re all greedy and have personal wants, it’s powerful if you tap into that.

      Regarding open rate, don’t worry about it. Open rates don’t pay bills. What does? Focused and determined clicks.

  2. Mark says:

    Great tip, Andrew – stopping by your blog is becoming a very good habit, thank you, sir!

  3. Ophelie says:

    Interesting commentary, Andrew. One thing I’m sure you’ll agree with: you never really know something until you try it. That’s why every week I try a range of different headlines and choose the best-performing one to send to our subscribers.

    In fact, last week’s send (with the subject line you describe) was one of our best-performing newsletters both for opens and for clicks. It might not have been to your taste, and, heck, successful subject lines don’t even have to be to *my* taste, but as long as they work, I’m happy.

    • Andrew Hiddleston says:

      Hey Ophelie!

      Thanks for your comment. The video was not meant to sound nasty, I hope it wasn’t taken that way over there.
      I like Flippa. Good history with you guys (and gals)

      Anyways I do appreciate you taking the time to respond. And look forward to the next email ;)

      Talk soon,


  4. dean clarkson says:

    great reply by ophelie on this topic. thank you for that. even better that the reply was published. everybody is entitled to their opinion and should be heard. i don’t think he was trying to offend anyone, he’s a pretty laid back guy been on his list for a few years.

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