How to Put Your Offline Lead Generation on Autopilot


Video Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:13  Lead generation on autopilot?
0:14 – 0:46  Introducing Search Tempest
0:47 – 1:21  G Reader + ST = auto lead generation
1:22 – 1:51  A simple recommendation for your business
1:52 – 2:15  You can even use it for everything else
2:16 – 2:41  Brief summary and wrap-up

Andrew here for In today’s video I’m going to tell you about a really cool free tool that you can use to help automatically generate new customer leads for your offline services or consultancy business.

Let’s get right to it.

I came across a really cool site called Search Tempest; it is a giant search engine that essentially aggregates all the different local Craigslist pages. See one of the big pains in the butt with Craigslist is that you can only search a region or a specific city. You cannot go and search everything at once or search all the different cities at one time. Search Tempest allows you to do this. It allows you to search multiple cities by like hundred mile radius instead of just being limited to that local Craigslist page.

Offline Lead Gen The real cool part about this is when you’re doing your searches, you can save your searches as an RSS feed and then take that RSS feed and upload it into something like Google Reader. What that will do is be like an automatic scan and it will keep checking for those search terms, whether you type in something like website design or WordPress or whatever your business happens to be. You save the RSS from that search on Search Tempest, upload it into your Google Reader and it will be like an automatic query that will keep checking it.

What I would recommend you do is that you make a list of all your keywords, all your terms, and all your different services and run searches on Search Tempest. Save the RSS feeds from each one of those and then create a new Gmail account specifically for this purpose then upload and organize all the different feeds. If you really want to get high tech, you could probably hire somebody to help manage tasks along with adding new searches and checking that email address, this wouldn’t be expensive.

One of the really cool parts about Search Tempest, even though we’ve already talked about it in a business perspective, is that you can use this RSS feed save feature for any type of search and looking for any type of item even if you’re looking for something on Craigslist that is not necessarily employment or work or gigs or anything. You can save it for anything and you can do these searches for just about any product or any search term you’re looking.

Go check it out, it’s If you have an offline consultancy or services business, do searches for all of your main services and then save those as RSS feeds and upload them into a new Google Reader.

Try it out, see what you can get. It doesn’t take long to set it up.

Again, this is Andrew Hiddleston for, I hope you found this video useful and I will talk to you soon.


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