Lower Bounce Rate and Increase Conversions


Video Breakdown:
0:12 – 0:46 Using color to increase conversions
0:47 – 1:06 Colors that I get results with
1:07 – 1:30 Guide the prospects eye
1:31 – 2:02 Forget pretty, go with efficient
2:03 – 2:31 Value proposition through entire sales process
2:32 – 3:08 Final wrap-up

Andrew here with a LeanMeanMarketing news update…queue the intro.

Alright… so today, I want to give you a tip that’s not only going to help increase conversion rate but also number of op-tins while at the same time lower bounce rate.

So let’s discuss some tips that will help you deliver a clear and strong message.

Some of the important things you want to consider are the color that you use…

For example, unless you’re CNN or in a couple of very specific markets (seduction), red doesn’t really works as a base website color. It does work well for accents, opt in buttons, call to actions, to accent specific things but as a base color itself it generally doesn’t perform as well.
color and conversions

Some of the colors I like use are green and blue because they emote trust and authority and they’re also easy on the eyes. Over the last 2 years I’ve done a fair amount of split testing. Without a doubt greens and blues regularly do better as the base website color as opposed to a red tone or “loud” color.

Your homepage layout also impacts conversions.

Here’s another really useful tip:

Any page that you send traffic to, should use color and text accents to assist deliver the message, whether that be bold and italics, bullet points or sub-headers. Focus on making your message easy to digest and understand. Colors and text accents can guide the readers eyes and make your message more engaging.

Another tip… forget pretty.

I know designers like to create pretty and unique designs and for personal blogs and for something that you’re just playing around with, that’s fine, but for a business website or this website that you want people to take action you want them to signed up, you want them to purchase something whether it be from an eCommerce site, affiliate site, or corporate site. Stick with a proven homepage design.

It really doesn’t matter.

Again, if your message is easy to digest and understand, your bounce rate will lower and conversions will increase. The 2 (bounce and conversion) are in-separately connected.

One final quick piece of advice to decrease buyer objection, whatever you value proposition happens to be, whatever your communicating to your landing page, the headlines, the main point, whatever happens to be, communicate that to the entire sales process, so for example, if you are going to a landing page, to a cart and then to an order form, and then to the thank you or success.

So to quickly summarize:

It’s more important that your website be engaging and efficient, opposed to “pretty” with flashy features. And if you include your Value Proposition ( main selling message) across your entire sales sequence, your abandon cart rate will decrease.

I hope you found this video useful. Again, this is Andrew Hiddleston from LeanMeanMarketing.com, thanks for watching and talk to you soon.


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