The 4 Secret Sauce Ingredients of Starting a Profitable Blog that Matters

how to start a blog that matters review “I just published post 53 but still nothing. This is frustrating me Andrew. Any tactic I can try out so I can make something??”

That’s right from an email sent from a subscriber. Let’s discuss that topic in more detail.

Read the first line again – what 6 letter word made me cringe?

Can you guess?

Starts with T and ends with C…


Look, I have no “beef” with using tactics. In a nutshell here’s the definition of tactic:

“A tactic is a conceptual action implemented as one or more specific tasks.”

Seems innocent enough. So why’d I cringe?

Because in the online space – internet marketing, blogging and similar. The word tactic is really code for “tell me what trick or hack is fooling Google this week”.

Here’s the rub with a pure tactics approach…

It may generate some cash for you now, but

You’re getting further away from your goal not closer

A profitable and sustainable business is not built on short term tactics. The same is true about blogs. Both are built with passion, analysis, strategy and execution. We’ll dig into these more, first…

Let me share a story to illustrate my point – and concern about blogging with tactics.

A long time ago in an internet era far far away, I was a”tactics marketer”. Of course I didn’t realize that. I just did what seemed to work for other people.

My goal was making money not building a business.

This was long before Lean Mean Marketing and years before my now stagnant personal blog

It was a time of excess. I owned hundreds (literally) of spammy autoblogs plus a host of other low quality web properties.

My approach was simple…I relied on a rich treasure trove of tactics. All of them designed to trick and manipulate search engines and visitors.

But it was a constant fight and the upkeep was crazy. Plus I was constantly plugging holes left by old tactics that didn’t work anymore.

Yes, I’ll admit it worked for a while.

But was it sustainable?

Was it even a business?

Could I sell this “asset” like any other business?

Answers – No, No and No.

These blogs were parasites and would be treated as such

My sites were among those hammered by Google’s assault on spam.

Squished and smashed like those unfortunate bugs hitting your windshield at 50 mph.

The nice income dried up and blew away overnight. Not exactly a “single” night, but within a week it pretty much had.

How’d I feel?

Sick, scared and depressed doesn’t even come close. Worst of all was the feeling of helplessness. Absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I hated Google and ranted and raved. “IT’S THEIR (read: Google) FAULT!”, I remember screaming at my friends.

But did Google tell me to throw up a small army of crappy websites?

Did they tell me to profit from spam and pollute the internet?

Of course not.

I’d gotten myself into the mess so I’d need to get myself out.

One thing was crystal clear… the days of thin, low quality/high quantity blogs were over. For me at least.

The new path didn’t lie with hundreds of autoblogs. It didn’t lie with hundreds of blogs period.

Instead I’d focus on less but of a superior quality.

In essence, I’d start a blog that matters. A blog and resource people cared about.

Lean Mean Marketing is one of these test tube babies. A focus on providing valuable information which is also leveraged to drive traffic.

Guess what?

This business model is a lot less work and much more fun. Of course another bonus is Google loves a blog that matters to it’s readership. That’s right, LOVES them.

How do I know?

Search engines spider them constantly, posts are indexed immediately (within minutes) and we rank for good keypharases with little or no backlinks.

The secret sauce of starting a blog that matters

Are you ready to start a blog that matters?

Hold on tiger. We still have some points to cover off.

First, there are 4 key secret sauce ingredients. This secret sauce turns a generic blog into a blog that matters. I mentioned them already but here they are again:

  • Passion
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Execution

Let’s breakdown why each of these is important.

Passion – Committing to ANYTHING 110% is tough and even harder if you’re not passionate about it. You have interest at the start but it can become hard to sustain long term. On the flip side, when you’re passionate you simply can’t get enough. Writing a monster 2,000 post is easy (almost fun) when you enjoy the topic your writing about. Same goes if you truly want to help your readers and subscribers.

Analysis - This one is big. You can jumble in research with analysis. Spending a few weeks researching keywords, competitors, products, “big players” in your market, fellow bloggers, etc. is a must. But many completely skip this step. Don’t like research? Outsource or just suck it and do it. Every minute you spend in this area returns five fold to you down the road.

Strategy – So what’s your strategy? how will you create content?, how will you drive traffic?, how will you build your brand?, how will you build readership?, how will you stand out? These are just a few questions that will form the core of your overall blogging strategy.

Execution - The easiest step but a lot fall off the tracks here. Execution, execution, execution. I can’t stress it enough. Once you have outlined strategy it’s a matter of doing it. But you should also prepare for bumpy roads ahead. Build-up a support network of fellow bloggers so when you hit a rough spot you have somewhere to go, get advice, lick your words, get back on the horse and start executing again.

The detailed process for building a blog that matters

I came very close to creating a detailed blogging course.

But luckily for both of us someone already did the hard work. And it’s a pretty awesome guide. Plus it was created by a premiere and well respected blogger – Corbett Barr of This guy knows a thing or two about content and traffic ;)

The course is called – How to Start a Blog that Matters. And it’s pretty darn good.

In case you don’t know, Corbett has built a six figure blogging empire in under 18 months. His reputation is unblemished. And he’s one of those all around nice guy who really practices what he preaches.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your blog or start one from scratch, this is for you.

Here’s a snapshot of How to Start a Blog that Matters:

  • Instant access to 13 weekly lessons
  • The 90-day blog action plan
  • The 2 special bonus session videos (featuring Leo Babauta and Danielle LaPorte)
  • The 2 bonus blog case study videos
  • Full access to FAQ’s and recorded Q&A call
  • A full 60-day money-back guarantee

PLUS you get:

  • Corbett’s personal coaching guarantee
  • Access to the live “kick-off” webinar
  • An outstanding blog to build your online empire and reputation around

Did you see his guarantee? If you don’t get the results you’re after, Corbett will coach you one-on-one for free.

How cool is that?

How to Start a Blog that Matters Bonus

This is best course in it’s category, no question about it. Corbett is best known for his “epic” free content. That should tell you something about his paid content.

If you purchase the course through my affiliate link, I’ll give you access to my Activate Traffic eCourse, which includes 31 videos and other resources about diversifying your traffic. It’s brand new and provides a solid foundation of traffic generation strategies that work.

Actvate Traffic is an excellent companion for Corbett’s course.

How’s that for a useful bonus?

In order to get your FREE copy of Activate Traffic you must:

  1. Purchase the training with my affiliate link.
  2. Forward a copy of your receipt to andrew [at] along with your name and best email address so I can send you the membership registration link.

Click Here to Purchase How to Start a Blog that Matters by Corbett Barr


Now’s your chance to start something that matters

Your blog can open doors that previously were shut.

I wouldn’t trade it or go back to my old ways for anything.

Take advantage of this great opportunity. Draw your line in the sand and say “today is day my blog starts to matter“.

Of course I’m always here to lend a hand.



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8 Responses to “The 4 Secret Sauce Ingredients of Starting a Profitable Blog that Matters”

  1. Dean Clarkson says:

    I didnt know that about you – you shady little black hatter ;)
    corbett’s course is solid I am with you on that. I was in the day it launched and it’s how he advertises it. Nice and beefy and will give ya a nice foundation. By the way activate traffic just as good as your video course. guess i totally missed getting it for nothing ;) nicely done anyway buddy.

    - D

    • Andrew Hiddleston says:

      Blackhat, greyhat, whitehat I prefer to wear no hat anymore. Keep my head down and do my thing :)
      Glad you liked the “How to Start a Blog that Matters” review. It is a great course and I agree Corbett is a great person to teach this information.

  2. daniel says:

    how to make a blog that matters looks good but I really suck at blogging. Tried so many times but i can’t write even though i like the topic. constantly looking at the computer screen but no ideas coming to me.

    • Andrew Hiddleston says:

      Staring at the screen looking for ideas sucks. Personally I try to avoid that with a really solid keyword list and identified topics. Once topics and keywords are clearly defined, you’ll notice coming up with content ideas easier.

      Daniel – how much time did you spend in the research/analysis phase?

      • daniel says:

        i do it while i go. i’ve looked for keywords but probably should have more. i don’t know how much time I spent doing it, maybe a day or 2.

        • Andrew Hiddleston says:

          Set aside a few days for keyword research. I like Pat Flynn’s term “keyword days” – days he literally devotes to keyword research. It’s part of the foundation you work from going forward. Also helps organize contents ideas, post series, etc.

          • Hi Andrew,
            No matter what anyone says I find keyword research very important. It helps me with the structure of my blog and structure of my posts. I generally do a major KW research before I start the site. I select 1 main kw and some secondary KW. I do a substantial kw research on them. Then as I write a post or a group of posts on a similar topic I do another, “light” kw search. This strategy seems to work very well for me.


          • Andrew Hiddleston says:

            Agree 100%. I can’t count the number of people who have the domain, blog and even content but haven’t done a moment of keyword research. It’s counter intuitive.

            I have a new video I just made about keyword research Dita – will be posting soon. It’s partly a review of Long Tail Pro but that’s only the second half of the video. Will have it posted soon.

            But I think your process is right on the money. It never ends…not completely.

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