How to Become an Authority – The Specialist Rule


Video Breakdown:
0:18 – 0:49     The “Specialist Rule” explained
0:50 – 1:22     Where you can find this rule at play
1:23 – 2:08     How you can use the “Specialist Rule”
2:09 – 2:49     How to keep people reading your copy
2:50 – 3:11     Great copywriting tip
3:12 – 3:58     Wrap up and recap

Andrew Hiddleston here with a quick internet marketing tips video.

Today we are going to talk about the specialist rule and how you can best use that to your advantage along with a quick tip about keeping people engaged in your copy right to the end of your message, so let’s get right to it.

Okay, so the specialist rule. What is that exactly?

Well to look at a great example, you don’t have to look much further to our dentists, doctors and even our attorneys. For doctors for example, there’s the general practitioners and then above those we have the specialists, and those are the doctors  who went for additional doctors training and obtained more skills, these are the cardiologist, who specialize of the heart,  orthopaedic doctors who specialize on the bones, even geriatric doctors who specialize in working with the elderly, all of these doctors have more training, they have specialized skills and therefore commend more as a result of it.

Another great example , if you just go on Amazon. After we finished this video and you look at different marketing books, I can tell you right now, marketing is marketing, no matter what profession you’re in or no matter what business you’re in, marketing is still the same but if you look on different books  general marketing text books are priced between 17 and 30 dollars on average. If you go and look on the specialized section, marketing strategies that have been prepared for a specific profession such as doctors, attorneys and dentists are priced several hundred dollars.

Well, the next time you do your research continue to dig down, it’s a wonderful way to stand out from your competitors.

How to Get Authority - The Specialist Rule For example if you’re in the dog training niche, the market would be dog training and you can go a little bit deeper and it would be how to train an aggressive dog, and then how to train an aggressive German shepherd and then you can get more even niche than that and say how to train an aggressive three-legged German shepherd, and, I know that sound silly and that may sound absurd but who knows there could be searches 50, 60, 70, searches a month for that term.

If you found out  that there was small audience for a very small niche market like that and you built your business and you built a website around that, your conversion rates from be to the roof because of at least of the deep connection between you and the visitors to that site. As a result of that you could also commit more and charge more for your services.

Okay, here’s a quick copywriting tip, one of the things people struggle the most with when they first to write copy online is finding their voice and finding the way to deliver the message. One of the most important things for you to remember is try to write in a conversational tone as if two people are sitting side by side having a conversation, that’s one of the most effective ways that you can keep someone engaged and engrossed in your copy and keep them reading.

If it’s boring or if its technical or if it’s drag that’s how you lose people and that’s how peoples mind starts to wonder. And the reason a lot of people struggle with this, is that school has taught us to write technically, we speak one way and we right another way, so the best thing that you can do is record yourself, get a cheap recorder or even use your computer and record yourself talking or record yourself stating the message that you would like to say in your copy and then listen back to that and transcribe parts of it and you will have the core of the message right there and you just need to tweet it. I know that might sound a bit silly but you’ll be surprised how effective that is, so give it a try.

Don’t forget authority is another important ingredient in creating successful products.

So just a quickly recap, the more specialized that you are in a market, the more you can charge. Simply look at doctors, attorneys, dentists, or any major profession. Keep this in mind for the next market you are thinking of entering

And regarding copy, try to write in a conversational tone as if two people are side by side having a conversation, once you’ve finished writing your first draft, read it out loud and see how it sounds to you. Use your computer to record yourself, very much like doing the voice over for a video sales letter.

Many times when you write something, you’ll think it sounds one way but when read back it sound very different, so that’s just a quick tip I’ve picked up through experience.

Again this is Andrew Hiddleston from  Stay lean, stay mean. Talk to you soon.


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