Why Looking For Perfection Is Dangerous


Video Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:09     Introduction
0:10 – 0:37     Our quest for perfection
0:38 – 1:18     An example on missing opportunities
1:19 – 1:59     The 80% Golden Rule
2:00 – 2:29     Brief summary and reminders
Andrew here for LeanMeanMarketing.com.

Today let’s talk about one of the silent killers for a lot of internet and online business owners; that is the quest for perfectionism.

Let’s get right to it.

One of the biggest things we all get caught up in sometimes is trying to make our products, our services or our websites perfect. We want them to be absolutely perfect in every respect and a hundred percent. We sometimes get caught up in delays causing procrastination, paralysis and the job just does not end up getting done. And in fact sometimes if you wait too long, that opportunity that you were looking for may end up passing you by.

The Quest for Perfection I actually have a real world example I want to tell you about. One of the projects I have been working on for the last 5 or 6 months is developing a social network. And this project has had a ton of money, a ton of resources and it has a pretty large team working on it. We are about 80 or 85% complete and it is pretty much ready for testing now.

But one of the problems we have encountered in the last few months is that a couple of the main partners want it to be perfect. Every time we get ready to pre-launch or get ready to go to beta, something comes up and we have to fix it and it gets delayed for another month or two. I feel like right now, we are in that loop of looking for perfection; that is definitely a dangerous place and you do not ever want to get stuck there.

The golden rule that I like to follow is that I like to get something to 80% completion. I’m not telling you to run out there and launch something that is easy or not that good or just garbage. The product has to be good and when you have 80% of it done, that is more than enough to put it out there and get some initial feedback to see what the market and what your customers have to say about it.

Based on your customers’ feedback, you can then tailor and finalize the product. Just remember that the people visiting your product, buying your product, visiting your website today are not going to be the same people that are visiting and buying your product tomorrow, next month, next year, and into the future.

The internet is a massive place and there are constantly new users. The people that see it today are 80% like that beta incomplete product and are not going to be the same people that visit your website next year and buy it. So just keep that in mind.

You could even provide some customers a discount for providing feedback. It’s a great way to provide more value to your current customers.

Again, don’t get stuck. Launch at 80%. Get feedback. Make amendments. Finalize the product. And then launch it at a 100%.

This is Andrew Hiddleston for LeanMeanMarketing.com.

I hope you found this video useful and I’ll talk to you soon.


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